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Chip shortage will be difficult to solve before 2024

Issuing time:2022-05-18 15:45

The global chip shortage is expected to continue for some time. According to CNBC, Intel CEO pat Gelsinger made a statement on the lack of core at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos on the 23rd. In his opinion, the shortage of chips is expected to continue until 2024. In addition, the shortage of chips also creates a bottleneck in the supply of advanced chip manufacturing equipment, which hinders the expansion plan of global chip production capacity.

Pat Gelsinger said that the company plans to build new wafer plants in the United States and Europe, but the delivery time of chip manufacturing equipment has been significantly extended. He believes that the number one problem in the current expansion of production capacity is the supply bottleneck of chip manufacturing equipment.

In view of the still severe global chip shortage, pat Gelsinger said frankly that it is unlikely to end before 2024. He also said that if it can get the relevant government support, Intel will invest. If successful, the chip shortage crisis can be overcome in about two years.

Intel had previously announced that it would invest 80 billion euros in the first phase of the EU semiconductor industry in the next 10 years, with an investment of more than 33 billion euros, including 17 billion euros in Germany, the construction of two semiconductor wafer factories, the establishment of an R & D and OEM design center in France, and the expansion of R & D, manufacturing, OEM services and back-end production in Ireland, Italy, Poland and Spain.

In January 2022, Intel also announced a plan to build a $20 billion wafer plant in Ohio, and the implementation of these plans must rely on the smooth supply of advanced chip manufacturing equipment.

Pat Gelsinger stressed that he was actively urging the US and European authorities to speed up legislation to subsidize and reward relevant investments. Since both regions have introduced their own chip bills to promote the development of local semiconductor manufacturing, such plans need subsidies and incentives from relevant authorities.

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