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EU new energy plan boosts China EU green cooperation

Issuing time:2022-05-26 10:39

Recently, the European Commission announced the details of the "REpower EU" energy plan. The plan was first proposed on March 8 to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction in EU countries and promote the diversification of energy supply. European Commission President von delaine said that the EU will spend 300 billion euros, which is also known as the "turbocharged engine" of the EU's energy transformation.

In this regard, Li Yingting, a researcher at the Bank of China Research Institute, believes that the "REpower EU" energy plan will help stimulate the potential economic growth momentum in Europe and promote China EU energy cooperation.

Clean energy is the core industry in Europe, and its development is expected to drive economic recovery. As early as the end of the 20th century, Europe began to vigorously develop renewable energy and maintained a global leading position in clean energy use and technology research and development for a long time. With the promotion of the "REpower EU" energy plan, the EU will further increase investment in wind power, photovoltaic and other fields, and significantly enhance the importance of the clean energy industry in the EU economy. This means that the development of clean energy is expected to release the potential of economic growth from promoting employment, reducing costs and improving productivity, so as to accelerate the economic recovery of the EU.

In addition, the high price of traditional energy such as crude oil and natural gas has reduced the relative price of clean energy, creating favorable conditions for expanding the scope and scenario of clean energy use. In the long run, clean energy development can increase the substitutability of traditional energy and stabilize global energy prices.

Li Yingting believes that China and the EU share the same goals in the energy field, complement each other in technology and have broad prospects for cooperation. Green economic transformation is not only an important direction for China to achieve sustainable development, but also a starting point for promoting economic recovery in Europe. At present, China and the EU have a strong foundation for cooperation in the field of climate and energy. They have signed a number of agreements, plans and joint statements to continuously deepen political, economic, technological and scientific research cooperation in the field of energy. Compared with traditional energy, new energy still has technical difficulties in acquisition, storage and transportation. China and the EU should strengthen scientific research cooperation in cutting-edge technologies such as energy storage, heat pump and carbon capture, so as to jointly promote the innovative development of green economy.

At the same time, European enterprises also have strong interest in China's new energy industry. At the 2022 European Hydrogen Energy Conference held in Madrid, Spain, on May 18, Jos é Antonio Bork, technical director of French Technip energy company, said that China has many enterprises in the industrial chain of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation and hydrogenation, and Technip maintains close relations with many electrolytic cell manufacturers from China.

Angel Rodriguez, head of renewable energy department of Spain elecano group, also said that they have a lot of cooperation with Chinese enterprises in photovoltaic business. "In terms of photovoltaic panels, almost all major factories and suppliers come from China".

According to Chinese customs data, in the first quarter of this year, the total export of photovoltaic modules made in China reached 37.2gw, a year-on-year increase of 112%. Among them, Europe has become the largest export market of Chinese components. In the first quarter, the import of Chinese component products reached 16.7gw, compared with 6.8gw in the same period last year, with a year-on-year increase of 145%.

Now, the "REpower EU" plan has been implemented, and China's photovoltaic product exports are expected to reproduce explosive growth. Recently, Ningde times, a leading Chinese lithium battery enterprise, won the world's first ECE r100.03 power battery system certificate issued by the German Ministry of transport. In 2021, China's export volume of new energy vehicles reached 310000, of which Europe and South Asia are the main incremental markets. Electric vehicles made in China accounted for nearly 15% of all electric vehicles registered in Europe in 2021, second only to Germany. From 2019 to 2021, the share of pure electric vehicles made in China in the European market has soared from a negligible 0.5% to 14.7%.

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